Essay Writing Skills: An Example to All Students

How to Write an Essay

Understand how a good essay is written first before knowing how to structure it. Most essays will come with a rough draft that is later revised to ensure it is perfect. However, a good essay should contain the following components:

  • Introduction paragraph
  • Thesis statement
  • Body section
  • Conclusion

Writing the Intro Paragraph

Your introduction should serve as a guide on what your essay will contain. Therefore, you must ensure that it is catchy and introduces the write my essay topic succinctly. You can tell whether you have a good thesis by reading this statement.

Thesis Statement

This will help you tell the reader what your essay is about. Furthermore, it should be easy to remember what you will be discussing as you write the thesis. The thesis statement will set the framework for the essay.  


This section is located at the end of the introduction paragraph. It should be very brief. Include the topic sentence and give a brief description of what the paper will be discussing. Make it interesting and make it a point to write a thesis statement.

Body Paragraph

This section comprises of your arguments. They should be structured in paragraphs that have a smooth flow of ideas. In the body section, give examples from the research conducted. The examples should be arranged in paragraph format. The first example should contain points that support your thesis statement.  


The conclusion should serve to summarize what you have stated in the introduction. What are the implications of your argument? Provide a solution or recommend further research that could be done if need be. Remember to refer back to your introduction paragraph.

How to Write the Conclusion

The conclusion is generally a reflection of what you have written in the introduction section. It will restate the thesis statement and shed more light on the topic. It is advisable to aim it at the end of the introductory paragraph. The paragraph should have a reflection of what the paper is about. It should be in agreement with the thesis statement and have a friendly tone.

Tips for Writing a Good Conclusion

Many students often struggle with these two sections, but you can learn from experts. Here is a complete guide to getting it done:

Use Examples

Most students often make a mistake to start an essay without considering the example papers they have come across. ends up Writing an essay with a lot of examples. Therefore, it is vital to find examples that can guide you if you are stuck.